Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, jetlagged and hungry, I'm back in the states; at least for a little while.

I flew from France into Toronto, which turned into a great adventure of arriving late in many places and meeting some people who I might not have been able to otherwise.

It is sad to be away from my girlfriend, and it's even sadder when I think about how it all has to do with strange international laws. However I'm not going to be writing about these things just yet, I'd like to collect my thoughts on them a bit more... maybe anyways.

I came here to write about a new thing I was lucky enough to get into: Google+

Google's new social network that is in the game to topple Facebook... and it has a chance I think. I'm not going to go on talking about it for risk of sounding like a sales person, but I will say I am very impressed with how it works.

That said, I tried to send some invites out last night, but I'm not to sure whether or not they actually went through! The mechnism was working last night, but Google released some news saying it is no longer working, so I guess if the people I sent it to reacted fast enoguh, and didn't think it was spam, they could've gotten on. I'll see later I guess.

I'm in Buffalo until the 4th, and after that I'm back in Florida. I'll have more time to work on some things then.