Saturday, October 3, 2015

Abby Norman - Journalist and All Around Good Person

One of the new things we're doing on Comatose is this cool special edition thing. It's really just an extended edition where one person can talk for a bit longer and not be limited to our usual 3 minutes.

The idea actually started when I thought it'd be a good idea to combine some of our multi-part series into a single episode, make the series a bit more coherent. I started with one of Basil's series, but then we got a chance to collaborate with The Coffeelicious and things changed.

They gave us access to actual authors!

Bashir ended up meeting up with author Stephen C. Rose and quickly learned that it's annoying to record in a cafe. The other really cool thing that opened up was that we got to start publishing short weekly articles on The Coffeelicious about our thoughts and feelings going on during the production of the previous week's episode.

Bashir wrote the first one, commenting on how crazy his life was leading up to meeting up with Stephen. And we've kind of traded off between each other as it's moved forward.

On the latest article, I tried something a bit different, and had the guest for the special edition write about their experience going into recording. The stress and fears and general management anxiety going into collaborating with someone you don't know very well.

Luckily that guest was the incredible Abby Norman, a bona fide journalist who we got in contact with through The Coffeelicious. She let us inside her head both in audio and in text, and the result is something that's definitely worth finding the time to listen to.

I say that as someone who had to listen to it about 40 times while editing it together!

When things go well like this it makes all the hardships worth it. Managing all the projects that're going on and balancing that with the weight of life in general can be taxing, but having something that can ignight that passion really helps make everything better.

Mobile devices

The last time I tried writing something here from a mobile device I think it was with my kindle. Now in the world of the web shrinking to fit in your pocket I have to say it's a bit easier than it once was.

Or maybe I've just been living in the past. Either way there's some cool stuff going on and I'd like to try and keep a log of it here. I've thought about moving to another site like medium, but I do t think I could ever leave here.

The noise might not be nightly, but it is still there.