Monday, April 11, 2011

Nascent Ideas

I read a comment recently that depicted one problem on Linux that I think is somewhat unspoken.

Most people are putting Linux on computers that were built for another operating system.

By now, the hardware problems are notorious for most people who have tried Linux, but why?

Well, I got to thinking about this question and thought that the very way in which it has its free “download now” ability plays into an idea that it will work with any hardware.  When it doesn’t it creates issues for the user.

The point basically boils down to that if there were more built for Linux hardware then the problem wouldn’t arise.  There’re many problems in that too…. but that’s not for here or now.

However, before ending this, it should be said that I find the same “download now” ability that makes amateurs more confident then they probably should be, allows other users to try and work out these hardware issues.

I’ve also put off wordless for a bit, I’m focusing mostly on learning French for myself right now, after I become confident in my skills a bit more I think I will work on it some more (or maybe when I get a whim on some free time).

Right now, I want to develop lessons first and get a team on board that could help out too.  Lessons are a first though, and I didn’t realize how big the task would be until I started undertaking it.

I think I’ll move it to a google sites URL too.  Blogger only allows collaboration with people who have an @gmail account it seems.

That’s it for now, just half an idea and an update on an incomplete idea.