Friday, January 16, 2009


Only in dreams are we allowed to find the solace that is desired every waking hour of our lives. The reactions are always tenfold the amusement and twenty under the expectations, but double or nothing the results. The gambles are huge and invisible; they are how life is lived and how one builds experiences.

Only in dreams does the house lose its own betting hand in a wistful twist of distant desires that descend with the ultimatum of true equality fatefully witnessing a chance of destiny-or just a whisper in the night. All the same, on the other end of the world, there are chores that need to be done and a person that should be doing them.

Only in dreams will the existential realities live out in fantasy. An endless brainstorm that allows for unending thought. Meanwhile, a soft bed still calls home and a lost-boy flies alone. There are only a few hours of darkness that howl, but they tend to be the coldest. The deepest depressions provide the most uplifting of spirits, the sweetest of smells, and the most interesting stories.

Only in dreams can I escape.

As nights drift into notes and lights soften into tones, I find my way home...

Only in dreams.

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