Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favicon and a few other things

New favicon now that I saw it can be changed. It was something I made in paint awhile ago, but it works well for here too I think.

I'm also in France now, busy with trying to find an apartment and will be starting school again soon. A little too busy to put all my thoughts into words, but I should probably write something longer sometime soon, preferably with pictures too. First thing's first though, and that's getting a place to stay!

And to help have some fun in this chaotic mess right now, un peu toki pona tawa sina mute !

tenpo ni la mi lon ma Kanse li wile kama jo e tomo sin. tenpo lili kama la mi open e kama sona. tenpo suno pini la mi toki tawa jan pi toki pona kepeken ilo Skype. ni li pona tawa mi. jan Palaman li toki e ni tawa mi: tenpo ni li tenpo lete mute li tenpo pi pali lili. ni li musi tawa mi. tenpo la mi kama pini e sitelin ni. jan ali o lon pona!

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