Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Flip Side

I've been a bit obsessed with Twitch lately, especially with AGDQ going on.

However it's also made me start thinking a lot more about content creation. Does content mean something only if people are looking at it, consuming it, witnessing it? Beyond the numbers adding up for advertising revenue or market potential, does a tweet about your day means less if virtually no one is reading it?

But there are a large number of people tweeting, blogging, and periscoping with virtually no one seeing or paying any attention to what they're doing (not at all like this blog, right?).

There is a breakdown of content between creators and consumers, and to make things more difficult the consumers are largely made up of silent lurkers, who show their appreciation solely by the act of consuming media.

And I think that's the core of what makes me ask myself these questions.


Is there value in content seen by no-one? Appreciation?

Is that even what people are craving when they create something? Is that what I want when I create something?

Does the act of creation itself provide a catharsis for thoughts that otherwise wouldn't be expressed?

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