Monday, November 2, 2009


I haven't written anything in quite some time!

Although I have much to say on this... I sometimes feel the weight of nostalgia is heavier than any future. This is something a little closer to the moment, a little closer to now.

I created a nice little studying website today.

It all stemmed from the most unlikely of causes. Geocities dying inspired me to get an Angelfire account, which was just a joke at first. Then, I figured it'd be an easy place to mess around with html, some nice good practice and all. Then, I decided to get practical, and one thing led to another and I'm hosting the site off of Nightly Noise and tweaking it more and more.

It's still not exactly the way I'd like it, but it's getting there. I plan to have it more organized and people (maybe) participating all wiki style!

Without further stalling, here it is:
Study Guides

As the beginning of this post hinted at, I've had some rough times back in America. Just recently, perhaps I had some of the toughest, but I'm feeling a lot better since yesterday. I also may be going to France after I graduate! I'll also probably be going to China this summer (I'm studying Chinese now) so things are looking up. The best news is that Susan will probably be done around mid-January!!

Well, before I'm rambling on forever, 나중에 봐!

现在写中文。 以前在韩国我学中文一点。现在我真学习了!

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