Monday, March 7, 2011

The Beginning of Tomorrow

Well, there's no use in saying that I haven't used this site in awhile, because it's served a purpose, it's been a place to hold precious memories of a time that I wished to keep pristine.

However, I've realized something just today that I think is rather important. Before that, a little bit of an update is in order.

I'll be graduating this semester. The classes are all but done and I'm not staying around to wait for the official cerimonies to commence. Since January I've been doing nothing but work and school work. Going nowhere besides my work site and home. This mundane existence can become very... comfortable. I didn't really realize that until today, when I was leaving for Tampa for a week. I've had to leave many places throughout the times, but all of the sudden, the fact that I'm about to be leaving for awhile hit me.

I am leaving and going on a journey again!

I leave for France on the 18th where I'll be reunited with Susan for the first time since last Summer in China. The fear of leaving was unexpected and I hadn't felt it for quite some time. Then, with a rush of nostalgia, I remembered Korea. Then, I realized that I'll be living in a new place again.

I've been holding onto that past for about two years now; refusing to let go. I do not think I'm alone in this kind of behavior either. However, I think that those past memories need to be changed into motivation rather than depression. The past isn't coming back, and thinking so will only leave you depressed living a life you never wanted. I'll be writing more now that I'm not afriad to let the past go into the archieves.

This is all I have to say right now though.

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