Friday, August 19, 2011


I Will Teach You To Be Rich

A blog I've followed for quite some time, rather passively, just turned 7 years old today. With probably the most pretentious names for a blog out there, it takes a while to realise that Ramit is just eccentric and not a scam artist.

He's got a great attitude and teaches some great skills for dealing with money. I recommened anyone who is scared of money or doesn't know how to deal with their money to read the blog a little, or even send him a message. He's very active with it and is likely to send you a personal message back, more than likley, giving you solid advice.

With my drowning in my own current events, largely due to my own mistakes, he's like a good slap in the face to wake up! So, check him out if you happen by this post.


  1. If you're scared of money, reading Ramit won't help much. The best you could probably hope for is following his plan for automating your accounts so you don't have do much handling. Speaking as someone with considerable money baggage, I've found IWTYTBR to be enlightening and even entertaining. And although Ramit talks about the psychology & behavior around money, it's superficial at best. Granted, Ramit's not a psychologist and his target readership (20-somethings) probably isn't interested in anything more substantive than what he already provides. Still, anyone trying to understand & unravel their own money psychology would do well to look elsewhere for help, such as "Mind Over Money," by Ted & Brad Klontz.

  2. I found his blog when I was a freshman or sophmore in college when I knew next to nothing about money. I never really learned much about it from my parents or school. I think, even if he's not the best, he's good for just making people aware of personal finance.

    I'm not scared of money at all anymore, but I can honestly credit a chunk of the reason to Ramit letting me know that I should know something about it sooner rather than later.

    Also, I think everyone should always look for other sources on things (due diligence and all) so thanks for the tip on the book !