Monday, August 1, 2011


It's Ramadan! I'm not a Muslim, but it's nice to wish well those who are.

I've lately been consumed by a curious language: toki pona.

It's the first constructed language I've ever dived into and it's proving to be quite an experience, to say the least. This language in particular is interesting for not being a failed language as so many that are contructed end up being. However, even with it's quasi-active community it prooves to be tasking to find more material to consume.

Before all that, I have to say that it is interesting seeing how I have put myself out there somewhat blindly. I have learned that for some it is purely an academic exercise, which it may well be good to be.

There are plenty of sources already explaining the basics of this language, but I think I may use it in writing here a bit. Or, bring back some of the old ideas of creating strange comics in this new language.

It's early right now, and I'm trying some new things. Back in Florida for a bit and I have to figure out a bigger plan.

For now, it's good to have a reminder of something simple, something pona.

To finish, here are some thoughts kepeken toki pona:

tenpo ni la mi pilin e ni: mi wile e mute. tenpo kama la mi sona ala e ni: mi ken ala ken jo e ijo mute ni? tenpo pini la mi sona e ni: ni li pona ala! a a a! mi wile toki e ni: li wile e ijo mute la mi pilin e ni: tenpo kama la mi lon. tenpo ni la mi lon ala.

taso ni li pona ala. mi wile toki e ijo ante pona.

tenpo ni la mi lukin e ni: lipu musi li nimi e jan lawa lili kepeken toki pona!

tenpo kama la mi wile pali e ni: toki sin pi toki pona. taso mi wile pali e ni: lipu sin li open. tenpo ni la lipu mute pi toki pona kin li lon. mi pali e lipu pi toki pona la ona li wile e ni: ona li ante lili!

pona... tenpo ni la mi tawa.

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