Thursday, November 3, 2011

ᓇᓰᓐ ᓰᑎᓕᓐ ᓰᓐ ᑕᕙ ᑐᑮ ᐳᓇ ᐊ !

So after fighting with my computer for the better part of the morning, I have something interesting to show.

The Inuktitut Syllabary

Or, my idea for a toki pona script. Everybody and their mother seems to want to make new scripts for conlangs. While interesting, I find it combersum and usually very impractical (have to install other programs and whatnot). So, I stumbled across this and wondered how it works, and to my surprise it's supported out of the box in windows!

So I took this:

and tried it out with toki pona. I like the results. While I don't like making new scripts for every new conlang, I also don't like every language to be written in a latin script.

The symbols with a dot on them are long voweled. That means it's easy to just say ᐄ is /i/ while ᐃ is /e/ and ᐆ is /u/ while ᐅ is /o/. There's no problem at all with /a/. Since there isn't a /w/, I think substituting the /v/ is fine.

I don't want to go into detail of how it works, if you don't know what a syllabary is, it's the same way hiragana and katakana work in Japanese.

Inuktitut should be able to be installed on anyone, who has at least windows vista, without much trouble at all. The only thing to keep in mind, which took me hours to find out, is that you have to hit caps lock to go into "syllabary mode". And placing the dots above symbols is done with the right alt, and some characters are gotten to through shifting up to them.

I found a site that explains a bit more and even has a picture of the keyboad so that hunt and pecking isn't so futile:

To see it in a bit of text, I'll type out ᓇᓰᓐ ᑕᕙ ᐲ ᔨᓐ ᓅᑐᓐ (nasin tawa pi jan Nuton) from a Nadder!

nasin tawa pi jan Nuton

nasin pi nanpa wan:

ijo awen li awen.
ijo tawa li tawa.
ijo awen li tawa tan wawa.
ijo tawa li awen tan wawa.

nasin pi nanpa tu:

wawa pi ijo lili li lili.
wawa pi ijo suli li suli.
ijo li tawa lili la wawa ona li lili.
ijo li tawa suli la wawa ona li suli.

nasin pi nanpa tu wan:

ijo wan li wawa e ijo tu la ijo tu li wawa e ijo wan.
wawa tu li sama. 

ᓇᓰᓐ ᑕᕙ ᐲ ᔨᓐ  ᓅᑐᓐ

ᓇᓰᓐ ᐲ ᓇᓐᐸ ᕙᓐ:

ᐄᔪ ᐊᕕᓐ ᓖ ᐊᕕᓐ.
ᐄᔪ ᑕᕙ ᓖ ᑕᕙ.
ᐄᔪ ᐊᕕᓐ ᓖ ᑕᕙ ᑕᓐ ᕙᕙ.
ᐄᔪ ᑕᕙ ᓖ ᐊᕕᓐ ᑕᓐ ᕙᕙ.

ᓇᓰᓐ ᐲ ᓇᓐᐸ ᑑ:

ᕙᕙ ᐲ ᐄᔪ ᓖᓖ ᓖ ᓖᓖ.
ᕙᕙ ᐲ ᐄᔪ ᓲᓖ ᓖ ᓲᓖ.
ᐄᔪ ᓖ ᑕᕙ ᓖᓖ ᓚ ᕙᕙ ᐅᓇ ᓖ ᓲᓖ.

ᓇᓰᓐ ᐲ ᓇᓐᐳ ᑑᓖ (ᑑ ᕙᓐ):

ᐄᔪ ᕙᓐ ᓖ ᕙᕙ ᐃ ᐄᔪ ᑑ ᓚ ᐄᔪ ᑑ ᓖ ᕙᕙ ᐃ ᐄᔪ ᕙᓐ.
ᕙᕙᑑ ᓖ ᓴᒪ.

I've also watched all of the Breaking Bad on Netflix, but never wrote about it, more on that... maybe sometime later.

ᓗᓐ ᐳᓇ !

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