Monday, July 13, 2015

Aspect Heavy

Aspect Heavy semi-officially launched the other day! The web-site isn't really done, but it works for now.

We wanted to expand on audio production stuff, and so our first new projects are two opposing directions from what Comatose does.

With the new Aspect Heavy website we launched Perspeculum and the Aspect Heavy Podcast.

Perspeculum is by far the strangest thing we've ever done. It's an extraction a step removed from conversations and podcasting. It's the stuff you'd want to be removed by a noise removal. It's putting the background in the foreground. It's pretty strange, but it was fun to do.

I thought it would be fun to release a "Season" at one time and have every episode be the exact same length. So that's what we did. A smaller detail is how each episode is paired with distinct art that is meant to compliment the noise.

The Aspect Heavy Podcast is in the complete opposite direction. It's a conversation style podcast without a script and without pre-planned topics. It was also surprisingly difficult to do. There were a few unreleased test episodes that were just too horrible.

The first time Nizar did the intro, and we introduced each other was met with a long pause as we suddenly realized we didn't know how to start a conversation. At least not one that is being recorded.

We finally recorded a descent episode, and after quite a bit of editing, I felt we could release it. There's still some problems with the levels and weird noises from not being in good recording spots, but it works as a proof of concept. We'll keep at it and hopefully get better as time goes on.

There are some other shows that may be coming out in the near future, but they're not quite ready to be talked about just yet.

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