Thursday, July 2, 2015

One Year of Comatose

Earlier this week we came out with episode 52 of Comatose!

That makes a year's worth of Comatose! There's an important distinction there, because the actual beginning of the show was in early June of 2014. We missed a few weeks in the beginning.

Our narrator, Taro Yamada, had a baby and got married right after episode 2, which left us a little lost for continuing the show. Luckily Nizar stepped up to the challenge and created what's probably the most distinct voice of the show.

I wanted this episode to mirror episode 1 in at least some way. So I got everyone from our not-so-great first episode back together to make our anniversary edition.

The result is a somewhat bland episode, but I like it. It's reminiscent of that first episode where we were just recording whatever we could to see how it sounded.

A lot of cool stuff in the works that hopefully I'll remember to write about here!

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