Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time Lapse or The Illusion of Time

Right before I left the states again about a month ago, my Mom bought be a GoPro because I had made vague references to wanting one and because she wanted to make me happy before I left town again.

After my initial post-buying guilt, I let myself think of how I wanted to use the camera. I liked the idea of it being useful as both a “picture camera” and a “movie camera” but also grossly underestimated how cool it is a time machine with its time lapse feature.

The first thing I thought I’d capture was our flight. It was hard figuring out where exactly I could put the camera, but ended up finding a good enough spot. It turned off a few times throughout the flight, and the shot isn’t the best, but it is interesting.

You can see how fast time passes when hours turn into seconds.

That led me to then recording the train ride from Paris to Tours.

And I’ve since been finding more and more things that I can film in time lapse. Some of them turn out pretty cool.

Others not so much.

It does make me excited to see what else I could film. I love playing with time and seeing things in a completely new perspective, but I’m not always sure how to film what I want to see. I’m sure if I stay at it I’ll get better and develop a better eye for it.

But for right now, it remains just out of grasp. Something mesmorizing but beyond my reach.

Time will tell how it plays out.

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