Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Chinese

I've just made a post to reddit about making an anki deck for the daily posts by a certain reddit user that were particularily helpful.

Hey guys,

IF you can remember a few months back we had a pretty neat thing going on where colorless_green_idea would post daily chengyus or grammars.
Well that was pretty cool, and it seems to have died down, so I've put them all into an anki deck. I did it pretty bare bones where each chengyu or grammar was it's own slide. Then, towards the end, I realized I probably should've made the example sentences and vocabulary bits their own slides as well. However, before doing all that, I'll ask you guys what you think. So, do you think that all those things should be split up or left as is?

I'm going to fumble around and try to get it uploaded somewhere too, but I think for the meantime I'd just like to know if anyone is interested in this.

Well, I uploaded it to my own personal site. I don't think that will be a problem with this subreddit though!   

anki deck

 I'll probably end up changing it because as it stands the cards are a little too large for most people's taste.

I've also uploaded it to anki. If you search for "Chinese Chengyu and Grammar" it should come up.

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