Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toki Pona Additions?

So, I want to just put here real quick a cool thing I found on the toki pona forums. It's a way to increase the usability of the language without adding anything, which is something that I think should happen.

This is the page with the interesting chart made by the user szilard. I'm sure everyone can find something wrong with it, but I think it'd be useful to use. It's not as clear as janMato's invensions, but he seems to have a gift of making clear expressions. Well, here's the chart (I'm hotlinking it now, so if that's a problem just send me a message).

jan-ante then suggested an interesting way to use them practically for taste:

pilin uta walo - salty taste (salt)
pilin uta jelo - sour taste (lemon)
pilin uta loje - spicy taste (pepper)
pilin uta laso - mint taste (should be green, but...)
pilin uta pimeja - bitter taste

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