Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sabldiri - A Language from Reddit Robbin

Beyond the basic idea and amazing stories that are Robin, there's something else amazing that has emerged out of the chat.

A language!

In soKukunelits, the current largest chat, there's a group of people that started making a language along their way up the chats. What's amazing is these people aren't traditional conlangers really, just random people who thought it'd be cool to make a language.

It's a pretty basic language at the moment, but there is a pretty comprehensive Google Doc that goes over the basics. Even if it's still in its infancy, the language is fun, and the people are all about having fun with it, which just makes the whole thing great.

The language all and all is pretty similar to English, but it had to be in order to be appealing to the most people. That said, I do think it's different enough to still be fun, especially when you think that it was more or less spontaneously created.

More importantly, people are actually using Sabldiri!

Whether it carries any momentum past the end of Robin is yet to be seen, but it has fun potential.

Jid Grow Foog Edias!

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